Tube Amp Stomp-Head 3 High Gain 60/15Watt

  • Tube Amp Stomp-Head 3 High Gain 60/15Watt
  • Tube Amp Stomp-Head 3 High Gain 60/15Watt
  • Tube Amp Stomp-Head 3 High Gain 60/15Watt
  • Tube Amp Stomp-Head 3 High Gain 60/15Watt
  • Tube Amp Stomp-Head 3 High Gain 60/15Watt
  • Tube Amp Stomp-Head 3 High Gain 60/15Watt
  • Tube Amp Stomp-Head 3 High Gain 60/15Watt

Tube Amp Stomp-Head 3 High Gain 60/15Watt

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Technical Details

Main info

  • Guitar Amplifier in a shape of massive effect pedal,
  • Power Output mode selector - 60/25W in STAGE MODE, 15/7W in STUDIO MODE,
  • Power Stage Efficiency - up to 130 Watt,
  • Speakers impedance auto detection - output adapts to connected speakers depending on resistance (4, 8 and 16 Ohm),
  • Master Tube Design - our new technology that allows to create powerfull amplifiers in compact shape (tube type - 12AX7),
  • Line output with Speaker Simulation. Allows send linear signal with simulation (PIN) or without simulation (RING) or both simultaneously,
  • External input for channel selector/controller,
  • Headphones output,
  • AUX input - allows connect an audio player or send monitor signal to the headphones. The AUX signal is send only to the headphones, bypassing the speakers.
  • Serial EFFECT LOOP - for additional pedal effects,
  • MIX-MODE - both amps channels can be mixed and used simultaneously,

Control Info

  • 2 channels - CLEAN and LEAD,
  • 3 footswitches - CHANNEL [Clean/ Lead], BOOST, MUTE,
  • Channel controls - (CLEAN & LEAD): GAIN, BASS, MIDDLE, MID-RANGE switch, TREBLE, PRESENCE, VOLUME and BOOST shared by both channels,
  • Input GAIN boost,
  • BOOST - immediate access to two different volume levels,


  • Height - 80mm (3.15 in),
  • Width - 270mm (10.63 in),
  • Depth - 205mm (8.07 in),
  • Weight - 2.2kg (4.85 lbs),

New definition of guitar amps

Until today, guitarists could only choose between two types of amplifiers: heads and combos. Now, we are introducing a completely new breed: The Stomp-Head.

The Stomp-Head 3.HG is an ultra light, very compact floor amplifier with integrated foot-switch designed to be set on the pedalboard along with effects or placed directly on the stage floor.
An amplifier-equipped pedalboard provides a complete ready-to-use sound system. Simply connect a speaker cabinet, guitar and power source, then the system is ready to go.
SH3 amplifier can be also placed in a traditional way as a “Head” amp, on the top of the speaker cabinet.

Make it sound better

The guitarist has an access to two channels (CLEAN and LEAD) chosen by footswitch. CLEAN channel gives a choice of two different sounds: CLEAN or slightly distorted CRUNCH which can be smoothly adjusted by a GAIN potentiometer Two additional foot switches are assigned to control BOOST and MUTE functions.
SH-3.HG is equipped with power selector that allows to set 60Watt or 25Watt in STAGE MODE and 15Watt or 7Watt in STUDIO MODE. The amp is designed to work with 4, 8, and 16 ohm cabinets (Power Amp adjust itself automatically to speakers impedance)
The Stomp-Head can also be used as a guitar preamp, without connecting speaker cabinet.
The LINE OUT (with a Speaker Cabinet Simulation) allows connect the amplifier to a mixer or an external power amp. The Speaker Cabinet Simulation imitates sound of the 4 x12 CELESTION Vintage 30 cabinets. The amp is also equipped with a serial Effect Loop.  

LINE OUT with a speaker cabinet simulation allows the connection of the amplifier to a mixer or an external power amp. LINE OUT signal simulates the sound of the 4x12 CELESTION Vintage 30 cabinet. Device is also equipped with a serial effect loop.

Old tubes in new style - Master Tube Tech


We love them for the fantastic sound, excellent compression, sustain, the sound flexibility and the easiness of playing. We also know that the tube amps are undoubtedly associated with considerable size and weight, thats why our amplifiers are so light. MTD (Master Tube Design) is a hybrid - mix of solid states and tube amp technologies.

If You want to read more about our ideas and concepts, visit this site.

What are the benefits of MTD technology? :

  • Great sound in no way inferior to the full tube amps (even better, according to opinion musicians who prefer some particular music styles).
  • In the opinion of musicians our amps much better cooperate with baritone and low tuned guitars than conventional tube designs.
  • Very long lifespan and stability of tube parameters
  • High accuracy sound parameters
  • Amplifier compact dimensions and low weight
  • Much lower price than the iconic tube amplifiers


Stomp-Head 3 INTRO

Stomp-Head 3.High Gain DEMO-1

AMP or PEDAL or BOTH? Taurus SH3 Stomp-Head


SH-3.HG Manual

SH-3.HG Folder

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Customer Reviews

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Ogólnie jest super

Ogólnie jest super, jednostka trochę szumi, jest to raczej spowodowane high gainowym charakterem wzmacniacza, ale jest to w pełni zrozumiałe i kontrolowalne. Zalety tego wzmacniacza mówią same za siebie. Wątpię żeby dało się znaleźć konkurencyjny wzmacniacz który grałby za podobne pieniądze i byłby tak samo mobilny. Niestety należy powiedzieć że wzmacniacz należy raczej do delikatnych, kilka dni po zakupie gdy chciałem wypróbować go sobie w salce z chłopakami, mój brat który pomagał mi w tym czasie przenosić graty, przewrócił się tym samym upuszczając wzmacniacz na ziemię. Konstrukcja przetrwała ale na kancie zrobiło się dosyć nieestetyczne wgniecenie. Nie do końca wiem co z tym fantem mam zrobić bo nie da się dokupić 2 obudowy a szkoda jest na tyle mała że raczej nie wyślę na gwarancję, mimo wszystko polecam ale przestrzegam ze wzmacniacz jest delikatny