Tor Egil Kreken is a Norwegian session bass player who has played and recorded with many of Norway’s top artists, including Marit Larsen, Maria Mena, Kari Bremnes, Lene Marlin, Anja Garbarek, Ida Maria and Ida Jenshus. He’s also been a member of the groundbreaking jazz metal outfit Shining(NO) since before the release of their breakthrough album “ Blackjazz” in 2010. He’s decribed as a total nerd when it comes to bass gear, and is always searching for that perfect tone.

Tor uses THD450T

“The THD-450T is a superb amp! It’s light enough that I can bring it as a carry-on on planes, but still has all the power I need, even in very loud settings. On our previous Shining tour I used the Taurus head every night, and I kept thinking to myself that it was the best sound I’ve ever had with that band. “

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