Marcelo is a guitarrist, composer and producer from Chile. Was born in 1985 and start playing guitar at age of 11. His first work like soloist musician was released in the 2008 that paved his career to become one of the youngest prominent and renown guitar player in his country. Since 2013 he is a Jamtrackcentral artist (selected between thousands of postulations). There he release his Hipnotized EP, reaching world exposition. He is endorser of VosGuitars, OrganicPickups, PositiveGrid Apps and actually works with Taurus Equipment.

“Now my Stomp-head 4SL is an integral part of my music gear. For me is the most powerfull mix between dynamic and warm response in a 3kg weight machine"

“Ahora mi Stomp-head 4SL es parte integral de mi equipo musical. Para mí es la mezcla más potente entre una respuesta calida y dinámica dentro de una máquina de tan solo 3Kg”

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