Payment Q&A

Here's some answers to all common questions about payment and shipment methods to dispel all doubts.

Q: What payment methods do you have?

A: It depends primarily on which taurus store domain the purchase is made from. accept payments with three metods - PayPal Express Checkout, Cash on Delivery (COD) and of course Self-pickup method.

The rest of domains, like PL, EU and UK have one extra payment method - SOFORT Banking.

Q: Is my country/city located in the shipping area?

A: We are able to offer global shipping, but this requires dividing the area of activities into four sectors.

Poland - we offer free shipping all around our homeland, pricing in PLN,

Europe - pricing in EUR

United Kingdom - pricing in GBP

USA & other - pricing in USD

Q: I want to buy something, but I'm operating with other currency.

A: As we mentioned, our shop accept only 4 currencies: PLN, EUR, GBP and USD. There's no currency converter on our pages, so if anyone want to change it, please feel free to visit our other dedicated domains:

Q: Why there's only one courier service - UPS?

A: Time and simplicity plays a key role, so we decided to focus on one reliable service. All products are shipped via UPS courier service. Thanks to that you know that your parcel is in safe hands.

Q: How long it will take to (...)?

A: - Orders placed before 12:00 will be delivered to you on the same day :),

    - travelling time depends on where it needs to go. Usually it's 1-2 days, but you can contact us for more precise information,

    - we try to respond to emails in less than 1 day, but due to intercontinental services, there is a possibility that we can not write back on time.

Q: I really want to buy a (...), but I can't afford to pay full price. Can I pay in installments?

A: We have not officially prepared the regulations for such an offer, but we are open to suggestions. Send us an e-mail with proposition and we will consider it.